Blog 10: Firework

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, Drifting through the wind Wanting to start again? Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin Like a house of cards, One blow from caving in? (recognise it yet?) Do you ever feel already buried deep? 6 feet under screams but no one seems to hear a … Continue reading

Pete’s first blog

A message from Pete; youth pastor, worship leader & all round brilliant fella…. I’ve just been asked to do a blog…me a blog…it sounds so funny.  I don’t normally concern myself with these things it sounds….scary…but I realised that maybe I may have something to say. It’s the 7th of June and I moved out … Continue reading

BLOG 9: Shake it baby

I should be packing! But I made a to-do list: a really long one. Have you noticed when you start making a list, you just add stuff- stuff you either would never have done, or the stuff you would have done anyway. Like ‘pack’. As if I’m going to turn up at the airport Monday … Continue reading

BLOG 8: Rainy Season

Here I am- sitting on the balcony, watching the rain. I’m sick today… I should be at work, but I’m not. I’m staring out at the storm. Rainy season is definitely here; which means loads of power cuts, but it also means very cool tropical storms! This time last week, I got caught in a … Continue reading

BLOG 7: 3 minute blog

God is doing something! Seriously!! I haven’t asked for it, but He is really changing me…. from the inside out! I’m getting free! I was sat at the pool (as you do when its 35 degrees outside) & God spoke these words… I kid you not… ‘Permission to be cheeky’. Woah!! For those of you … Continue reading

BLOG 6: Pie on Earring

So, here I am. If you’re expecting a polished blog- don’t read this! I haven’t got time for polish! Up at am, a long day of teaching, cooking, washing up, getting kids to bed, 2 Skype appointments: the only reason I’m here is because The Apprentice is taking time to buffer tonight! This is my … Continue reading

Beautiful Accra

BLOG 5: Where the Robbers Wear Suits

What an anniversary disaster! Wanting to celebrate 16 years of marriage, we booked into an incredible hotel- took the Junior Suite as a massive treat! Packed up & drove to the hotel; met by the bellboy in full uniform. Then, disaster! The receptionist informed us there had been a mistake & now, the room was … Continue reading

Blog 4: City Living

Accra is incredible…. like, incredible! I’ve never been to a place where deluxe high-rise banks, offices & penthouses stand next to sheds made of cardboard, corrugated iron and any other rubbish the owner got hold of at the time. The city is a place of extremes: overwhelming poverty in juxtaposition (is that even a word??) … Continue reading

Blog 3: Way Back When

I’ve just written Blog 1 & 2, cos I know when I get home, I might not ever write another blog. Right now, I’m in my bed (don’t think about it, pervs!) in the Ibis Hotel, Sheffield after an incredible leadership conference. In a week’s time, I’ll be back in dusty, droughty  Africa & I … Continue reading

2nd Blaggers Blog!

BLOG 2: Back In the Day I’m giving you a brief summary of church history- no, not the Apostle Paul & his exploits- just me! I’m thinking if I put you in the picture of the run-up to Africa, it might help you understand my perspective on things a bit more. So… I grew up … Continue reading